How to Make Good Coffee While Camping

camp stove

Like many Kiwi’s you are probably starting to plan your Summer holidays.  But if you are a coffee lover, you may feel that slight anxiety about “where will I get my daily fix?”, especially if you are planning to go camping off the grid.

camping coffee

I have a few suggestions of how to quickly and simply keep up your daily ritual when away from home and ensure that your caffeine cravings are met!

Our Heartland brew coffee is a must to take on holiday with you.  You can buy it at selected supermarkets and farm shops or direct from us online in 1kg foil bags either as beans or pre-ground, so you will have enough to last through your holiday without worrying where to get supplies from.  The coffee will stay fresh in the bag, as long as you seal it after each use with a peg or bag closer to keep the air out.

If you like the strong taste of espresso, one of the easiest ways to make it on holiday is with a Stovetop.  These handy little espresso makers only need some type of heat source like a camp stove and you will have very good espresso in no time.  If you still like to grind fresh, you can buy good hand grinders that are easy to pack with your kitchen equipment and if you are the only coff-a-holic at camp, you can also buy a personal one cup drip filter for a simple morning fix.

Hand grinder, one cup drip filter and a stove top espresso

However, if you are hard core lightweight campers you may just want to make camp coffee, see instructions below:

  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil using your camp stove or open fire.
  2. Remove the pot from heat and let it sit for about 30 seconds.
  3. Add coarsely ground coffee (about 8 grams per cup) and stir.
  4. Wait for a crust to form on the surface and then settle it back into the liquid by stirring (this will take about 5 mins).
  5. Pour coffee, being careful not to let the grounds sneak into your camp mug.

camp fire coffee

Enjoy your camping experiences this summer and don’t forget to share them with us via our Instagram page and you may get featured in our gallery. #heartlandbrewnz and tag @heartlandbrewcoffee