Espresso Grind or Filter Grind

Heartland Brew

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between espresso grind and filter grind?  How do I know which grind to use for my different coffee making equipment?  Here are a few tips to help you when you are purchasing coffee from the supermarket and there is no-one to ask.

There are several methods of brewing coffee at home.  Some are steeping methods eg. Plunger/French press, Drip Filter, Soft Brew etc. and some are pressure methods eg. Stovetop, Espresso machine, Vacuum brewer, Percolator.

The steeping methods involve the coffee oils being drawn out with water and require the coffee to be more coarsely ground so that the end product is clear and not “sludgy” and that the water can access the grounds without too much resistance.

The pressure methods require the coffee to be finer, as these methods require a build up of pressure which means the coffee grounds have to create resistance in the brewing process.

Usually there will be an indication on the packet as to the grind either espresso or fine grind, or filter or course grind.  If you are purchasing beans and grinding them yourself, you can play around until you get the right result for the method you are using.

The quantity of coffee required of coursely ground coffee is approximately 16 grams for each 240ml cup and 8 grams of finely ground coffee per 30mls (single shot) of espresso coffee.

All of our Heartland Brew blends are available to purchase from selected supermarkets and distributors as coffee beans and espresso or fine grind.  If only beans are available and you would like us to grind them then please pop into our roastery cafe in Rangiora where we will be only too pleased to bring them for you free of charge or alternatively they can be purchased online as either beans or ground.

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